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Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

I had a horrible experience whereby at Matsui restaurant I went to the counter to purchase wine and the young girl serving me charge me for someone else's meal!!! She could not refund my credit card and gave me English money and euros as the till could not do refunds. This was unacceptable. When I was able to get service to check my bank account, she did not give me enough money back and I actually did not even purchase the wine. There was no email to contact them, and she threw away the bank receipt which I made her get out of the bin. I have the receipt and my bank statement, and I want the money owed to me to be paid back. She took my name and email address and card details. After a lovely holiday the hour of stress she caused whilst my flight was being called was not ideal and why do these places not offer refunds at the expense of your mistakes????? Very disappointing and I should not have to lose out on any finances! Horrible experience.

— G Rushworth

Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (Abuja, Nigeria)

A friend of mine sent me an iPhone 11 pro max and iPhone macbook pro from USA and also an envelop he told me he paid for everything once it arives they will bring it down to my door step. I called they told me to come pick it up @ the abuja airport with my Nin or I should send 9500 for them to deliver it for me. Is it try?

— Benjamin

Chico Airport (Chico, USA)

Chico Airport is looking to become a regional airport for this section of the North State. On 11/15/2022 the City Council will be considering a name change that reflects this strived for status. No scheduled flights right now but they are working on bringing them to Chico.

— James Hutchinson

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